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Wealth Verification services

Home Wealth Verification services

Assets/wealth verification Services are one of the required services in India. The lender offers this option of money in two types. One can either avail this cash in secured form or he may gain this finance in unsecured form. If a person has problem in providing security, then he may not worry about because he can take away money through unsecured type of option. We are located in Delhi.

Verification of movable and immovable properties is necessary in all cases related to claims/loans of banking and non-banking Finance organizations. Because of whole financial operation are based on correct verification of assets/properties. Find out the assets/properties of defaulter borrowers, judgment debtors and corrupt employees to recoveries and execute decrees/notices.

These assets can be divided in 4 general assets categories that are as follows:

Bank Account/Insurance policies/FD's: - In this category we collect all information related to accounts, current accounts recurring deposits, fixed deposits and any ULIP. We put all efforts for the enquiries and we gather evidences for their holders through personnel meetings and RTI.

Property papers record: - This includes the name of the actual owner of any residence/shop/office or land along with the actual cost of the property from where they purchase the things and on what date.

Other Records: - It is concern with all limited and private Ltd. companies listed in ROC of India. This service provide details of their Business partners, capital invested business location, annual turnover, balance sheet, P.F. details and income or sales tax details etc with exact details

Vehicle Ownership verification: This is mainly related with the name, address and license number of the owner of any vehicles along with Manufacturing year and any accidental record of the vehicle and also servicing dates. .





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