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Cyber Crime Detective

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Star Detective Services is one of the renowned services for the investigation in India. Delhi private detectives have lots of work which has a great responsibility. As today we are fully depend on the computer and this area also trapped in the criminal acts.

Technology increases and with this crime also increased. There are great assortments of knowledge which starts with cyber crimes are also reach at the peak.

These cyber crimes includes losses of credit card, net banking forgery, stocking, terrorist operations, encrypted files, porn and sex crime, some job related fraud, extortion or anything else. We have team of experts they are able to solve this cyber crime. In cyber crime investigation evidences are mainly computer hard disks, CDs, DVDs, floppies, computer networks, cell phones and the Internet, to name a few.

Star Detective Services knows how important is to solve a cyber crime we have lots of technologies through which we solve every complex cases. We have experts who have experience of Cyber crime Detective.


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